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Changing the world, one pixel at a time

Panel discussion led by Shir Zalzberg

As designers today, we never compromise. We’re no longer at the sidelines of the industry, just following decisions other people made.  We have the vision to look for an opportunity and a fearless out of the box thinking to actually make it happen.


So what can we all do to reach that level? Whether if it’s pushing the envelope at our day to day job and reaching our dream position, creating an amazing side project that we have no idea where it might take us or taking an active part in our communities and help us all grow together. 


We can do it all and more. It’s 2019 and we’re to change the world, one pixel at a time.

In collaboration with startup designers

Ohad Aviv

Currently the co-founder and CEO of Muzli, (acquired by Invision), Ohad has done just about anything a Designer can do! Art Director, Advisor, Product manager and founder of several awesome startups.

Ronit Klein

Gal Shir

Product Designer at Facebook TLV, Co-Founder of Create School, Ronit is a renowned UX/UI specialist, brand developer, product designer and a teacher.

Designer, Illustrator and an exceptional digital artist, Gal has helped startups develop their brand and visual identity. Today, Gal is an independent creator with successful side projects like colorhunt

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