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is Offf

19 years ago, OFFF was born in Barcelona, Spain to join talents, share creativity and inspire. Today it is the the most esteemed festival focused on visual design and innovation worldwide. OFFF is a series of conferences, workshops, performances and activities, but most of all it is a meeting point for collaborators and cultural commotion, where creators and emerging talents join to get inspired and share new interests.


Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the global center of innovation, maintaining a constant dialog between ingenuity and creativity. Local creators operate in an ever-growing field with blurring boundaries between tech and design, allowing creativity, ambition, skills & knowledge develop to their highest potential. On the larger scale, there is a thirst for knowledge beyond the local scene, in order to establish Israeli designers as worldwide leaders in their fields.



  • What is Offftlv?
    Offftlv is a part of Offf series of conferences that was founded in Barcelona. This is the 3rd year of Offftlv and it’s held in Tel Aviv, the city of Design & Innovation. At Offftlvyou can enjoy from 2 days of hand picked line-up of lectures, workshops, performances and activities but most of all it is a meeting point for collaborators and cultural common, where creators, students and emerging talents join to get inspired and share new interests.
  • What's Included in the ticket?
    Your ticket include 2-days of inspiration, creativity and growth. You will hear lectures from the best artists in the industry spread into 2 halls, a relaxing chill-out zone in the garden, Artists market, Bag of goodies at the registration stand, Networking with co-workers, studios, speakers and interesting people.
  • Where Can I find the line-up?
    For the upcoming months prior the festival we will gradually announce the speakers (make sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram). The full line-up & Schedule will be announced in the Summer.
  • Where will the talks take place?
    All lecture halls are located in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which is located in Sderot Sha'ul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv-Yafo- map. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is Israel’s largest art museum opened in 1932, before even the state of Israel was established. The museum has a great collection of works by both Israeli and leading international artists showcased in an incredible building, and this is an amazing opportunity for you to visit this place during the conference and see it’s beauty. Offtlv Tip: Where’s the best place to meet up with friends? Make sure you check out our chill zone to meet new people and network on coffee or beer!
  • What can you tell me about Tel Aviv?
    Tel aviv is the best place for business & Pleasure. Tel Aviv has evolved into one of the world's leading hubs for technology, innovation and design driven places in the world. Tel aviv is also known as a Nonstop City for nightlife, parties, beach, food, and much more. Also - we’re the leading vegan country in the world! And we have the best Hummus, of course :) Offtlv Tip: Make sure to have another day or two in the city to see the old Jaffa city, Visit the Hacarmel market and the area to taste some of the best food and have some time at the beach!
  • So, Who should attend?"
    Offftlv is a design celebrated event. We attract people from all over the world from all from various industries such as: Startups, Gaming, Branding, UX, UI, Interactive, Animators, Post-production, Advertising, Photographers, 3D, Illustrators, Moon and Broadcast. If you one of those - you should definitely attend.
  • What about Coffee & Food?
    You can grab a bite or lunch at our chill out zone, enjoy some coffee or grab a beer at the food stands. There’s always a vegan options (Did you know that Israel is the most Vegan country in the world?) Offtlv Tip: Want to go out to eat near the Museum? There is nearby cafes, baking goods, and restaurants just 5 minutes away.
  • Will there be any workshops? Does it costs money?
    Of course there will be workshops! We will update them very soon, stay tuned.
  • Are the lectures in 2 halls running at the same time?
    There are 2 halls fur lectures, and the chill zone where we’re screening the main hall lecture for all those who likes to be at the sun :) We will provide printed line-up at the festival so you will know the times & the places, but we recommend you to check out before and see which of them you’ll like to attend to spare you some time thinking. The lectures are overlapping but there is 10-20 minutes difference before they start, so if you have two lectures you want to hear in two different halls you’ll have the time to go to the other one before it starts (it’s just 2 minutes walk between the halls).
  • I'm pretty shy, How can I Meet new people and do some Networking?"
    Don’t worry! Hang around the chillout zone, people in Tel-Aviv are very friendly and easy to talk. Remember that you are around creative and passionate people, and we all here have something in common.
  • I'm not from Tel Aviv, Where should I stay?"
    It’s easy to find accommodation for every budget in Tel Aviv- from hostels for a few crowns to luxury hotels. We recommend using or
  • Is there a cheap way to get around?
    Sure! You can use busses, you can go by foot, you can get a taxi (using Gett). Also Tel Aviv is bike friendly city - you can rent a bike or a scooter (Lime or Bird) every 500 meters, and use it for half hour or a whole day.
  • How Do I get the latest new about Offftlv?
    You can follow us on social media for our latest news and announcements: Instagram: @Offftlv OFFFTLV Facebook OFFFTLV 2019 Facebook Event Don’t forget to add the hashtag #Offftlv to your stories & posts!
  • How Do I share my feedback about Offftlv?
    At the conference you will find our staff wearing the 'Staff' shirt if you need something urgent. Throughout the conference, we will be continuously reading what you like and what to improve…and if there are any mistakes, we will fix them ASAP! Want to share your feedback and insights on social media? Add our official #Offftlv hashtag to your posts so we can see what you share. We love sharing positive feedback and solving problems as quickly as possible!
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