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Human-centered design


By Assaf Shalev

Assaf Shalev is passionate about molding a big, broad idea into a living, breathing product. As a design lead at Lyft, Assaf focuses on shared rides and multimodal experiences, to reduce congestion, shape cities, and provide the world's best transportation. Before Lyft, Assaf led projects at IDEO, where he focused on leading innovation in education and designing experiences for the future of TV entertainment.

Stop pushing pixels, and start seeing the big picture!

Who is it for?

All backgrounds and experiences are welcome. The more variety of folks, the better. Yes - your parents can join us.

What to expect?

In groups, we'll work on solving a real, impactful world problem. The type of problem that changes people's lives. We'll unleash our creativity, brainstorm and spark innovation in each other. We'll get crafty, and prototype our solutions with day-to-day materials such as foil and toilet paper rolls. We'll then celebrate our creations with each other in a creative manner.

What to bring?

All materials included


Monday 23 Sep 09:00 - 13:00

3 - 4 hours

Up to 40

What will you learn

01/  How to solve world-scale problems with human-centered design and by unlocking your creativity.


02/  You'll become a brainstorming Jedi. We'll learn the principles of what makes a brilliant brainstorm, and learn how to facilitate them in our workplace.

03/ You'll finally understand the true meaning of being a designer, and the power of creative confidence.

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