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Boldtron is a Creative Director and 3D artist. After more than 20 years working as an Illustrator and Art Director in Spain, the UK, Denmark, France, Germany and Japan, Boldtron has now settled in his hometown, Barcelona, and is focusing his work in CGI/3D and Virtual Reality. Based on experimentation, research and development of new techniques, Boldtron likes to approach his work from an organic perspective, utilizing manual creative process, almost pictoric, with a final output in digital art.


 Another of his traits is constant evolution, both creatively & technically, through the revisioning and reinvention of his previous work, allowing him to preserve his visual identity as well as bring something new to every creative collaboration. In addition to his own work, Boldtron is also the Creative Director of his own studio, PZZZA, from where he aims to spread his vision even further.



Art Direction


Motion Graphic




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